This isn’t really about me, isn’t it? It’s about you.

Why did you land on this page? You probably saw one of my Youtube videos about making money online and you wanted to learn more about me so you will know if you can know, like, and trust me.

By telling you all about my life, you’ll probably get bored.

Instead, I’ll talk about who I want to help, you.

My desire in life has shifted from getting rich online to helping people around the world become location independent, quit their 9-5, and live the lifestyle of their dream.

Why do I care?

Because I love to have friends.

It’s lonely on these tropical islands.

There are many ways to accomplish this lifestyle, so my purpose with my blog is to help you decide which path to take and how to go about accomplishing your goals.

If I were to tell you the number one thing you can do right now, It would be to write down your biggest dreams and goals in life, then assign a number to them (how much they cost, of course).

Once you know how much your ideal lifestyle costs, you can work towards creating that income through internet marketing.

It’s that simple.

Good luck!


Trevor Fenner

Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Founder of

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